We have constructive long-term relationships with all stakeholders

This is key to delivering our purpose. Our engagement with stakeholders is open, transparent and collaborative, to support the long-term success of our business. We use appropriate mechanisms to interact with them, provide them with information and learn about their interests and concerns.

Our people

More than 29,000 employees and contractors, including contractors associated with construction projects, the majority of which are based in Chile.

Our people are central to our business. We strive to develop a good working environment to boost talent and retain human capital. In addition, contractors are key to ensuring operational continuity according to the best health and safety standards.


Nearly 50 communities related to our mines and transportation business in Chile’s Antofagasta and Coquimbo Regions.

We care about the wellbeing of local communities in the regions where we operate. We practice a bottom-up approach to engagement, with the aim of working together in a sustainable environment. We also strive to prevent, mitigate and compensate for any adverse impact our activities may have.


Over 1,700 suppliers, of which 91% are based in Chile.

Suppliers are key players in our quest for sustainable and safe operations. We work with them to improve sustainability performance and ensure that they comply with our standards and guidelines. We work together to make sure that their solutions are cost-effective and efficient.


Buyers of our products, comprising of companies that are located around the world, in a variety of jurisdictions.

Long-term framework agreements or annual contracts are a feature of most of our sales. This gives us greater certainty regarding pricing and volume of our products.

Financial Stakeholders

Participants in financial markets, including: equity investors, fixed income investors, providers of capital, analysts and other market participants.

We regularly share comprehensive and relevant information about our strategy, projects and performance, keeping our shareholders and investors informed in a timely manner.

Governments and regulators

National, regional and local governments, and regulators define the framework within which we operate.

Policy, legislation and regulations can have a major impact on our business. We monitor parliamentary discussions and engage with decision-makers to identify any changes that might have an impact on our operations.