Antofagasta’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Strategy is focused on the inclusion of women, people with disabilities and employees with international experience, and we have embedded the conditions required for its full and sustainable success.

Diverse and global talents

Our workforce are nearly all based in Chile, where the operations and corporate office are located, and a small number are in London, Toronto, Shanghai, Lima, and Minnesota in the US.

We have focused on improving the talent management system. Changes were introduced to increase the mobility of diverse and global talents, identifying roles for people with international experience and conducting an in-depth review of its female talent pool.

The Group has fostered three initiatives focused on attracting young talent at different levels of the organisation: a Young Graduates Programme, which aims to recruit into the talent pipeline young people with potential to take on key executive roles; an Apprentices Programme, which offers opportunities to young people from local communities; and the Eleva Programme, a public-private initiative that links technical education with the capabilities and skills required by the mining industry. At the supervisory level, training and development programmes were updated, aligning them to the Group’s Operating Model.

Diversity and inclusion targets

  • Increase the percentage of women in the workforce to 30% by 2025.
  • Go beyond the 1% of employees with disabilities required under Chilean legislation.

Women in business

In 2019, we sponsored the creation of a Chilean chapter of the 30% Club, a campaign launched in the UK in 2010 to foster gender balance on companies’ boards and in senior management positions.