We believe in developing mining for a better future.

We believe in developing mining for a better future. As custodians of natural resources, we have a responsibility not only to manage these resources efficiently and responsibly, but also to harness copper’s potential to contribute to the development of a greener and more sustainable world.


What we need:

Long-term relationships

Our people

  • Over 29,000 employees, permanent contractors and temporary contractors related to projects. Constructive relationships, anchored in mutual respect and transparency, are crucial for a good working environment and talent retention, as well as for productivity and efficiency.


  • Communities The wellbeing of our neighbours is directly related to the sustainable development and success of our business.


  • We work with over 1,700 suppliers, who provide a broad range of products and services, from large mining equipment to catering and transport. They are vital to our ability to operate continuously, safely and efficiently.


  • Most sales are made under long-term framework agreements or annual contracts, with sales volumes agreed for the following year.


  • We maintain fluent and transparent dialogue with our shareholders to ensure that they are all treated fairly and receive all relevant information.

Governments and regulators

  • We work alongside mining associations and other industryrelated bodies to engage with governments on public policy, laws, regulations and procedures that may affect our business.


World-class assets 

  • We have a portfolio of large, predominantly high-quality, low cost assets in our two main mining districts. We are investing in technology to improve productivity and drive sustainable growth across our operations.


  • Our mining operations depend on a range of key inputs, such as energy, water, labour, sulphuric acid and fuel.

Financial resources

  • We have a strong balance sheet, an undrawn credit facility and access to other sources of capital.

Responsible mining

We believe it is possible to mine sustainably by prioritising environmental protection and the efficient use of natural resources.



What we do: