We are Antofagasta Minerals, Chile’s main non-State mining group and one of the nine largest copper producers in the world. Our purpose is to develop mining for a better future in an innovative, sustainable and inclusive manner.

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  • We set a target to reduce forecast carbon dioxide emissions by 300,000 tonnes by 2022 compared to the baseline in 2017.
  • As part of the private-public partnership initiative, Programa Tranque, we are actively participating in the development of a tailings deposit monitoring and warning system in Chile, currently in its pilot stage at the Mauro tailings deposit.
  • Sea water represents 45% of our operations’ water consumption.
  • There were no significant environmental incidents at our operations in 2018.
  • Renewable energy sources represented 23% of Antofagasta Minerals’ energy consumption in 2018.


  • Tragically, after 30 months without a fatality, a contractor at Los Pelambres lost his life while working on the Mauro tailings storage facility.
  • We rolled out the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy at all our operations and established the goal to double the percentage of women in the workforce by 2022.
  • Labour negotiations were successfully concluded at Los Pelambres.

Social Development

  • We joined the Mining Cluster in the city of Antofagasta, an alliance that seeks to strengthen employability and innovation in northern Chile.
  • We have reinforced the Somos Choapa (We are Choapa) engagement model at Los Pelambres and the Dialogues for Development programme in our operations in northern Chile.
  • We developed a new Social Management Model that will be gradually implemented as from 2019.
  • We began a process to evaluate and quantify the impacts and contribution of Los Pelambres based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • We completed construction and opened the Technical Training Centre in Los Vilos for 304 students.

Transparency and Corporate Governance

  • We updated our Risk Management and Compliance Models.
  • We recertified our Crime Prevention Model.
  • We began a human rights due diligence process.