Safety and Sustainability is one of the five strategic pillars that underpin our purpose. We take a holistic approach to our sustainability management, continually engaging with our stakeholders to analyse, define and manage our priorities across the short, medium and long term, and always aligned with our strategy.

At Antofagasta, we seek to achieve and enhance a positive long-term impact on society based on our values, corporate policies and standards, and by reviewing risks and opportunities that could have an impact on our business. The Board is responsible for analysing, leading and monitoring sustainability policies and best practices.

Safe and healthy environment

A safe and healthy environment is a priority for our work, as is well-being. We recognise the importance of diversity and equal opportunities, so we continually strive to create proper environments that promote integration and both professional and personal development.

Economic Performance

We are constantly looking for sustainable ways to improve our operational efficiency, in order to create value for our stakeholders. We operate responsibly and with long-term vision, to maximise the economic value of our assets and contribute to social development.

Environmental Management

We work to prevent, control and mitigate our potential environmental impacts. We seek always to make efficient use of natural resources. We implement integrated environmental management systems into our business, establishing objectives, goals and indicators.

We strive for continuous improvement, regularly evaluating our environmental performance to tackle the most critical challenges associated with the management of water resources, air quality, biodiversity, waste, heritage culture, land use, climate change and energy.

Social Development

We seek to contribute to the generation of economic, social and human capital in the environments in which we operate. We lead processes of effective, participatory and transparent dialogue, with the different actors in the territory, acknowledging challenges and opportunities to address them together.

Transparency and Corporate Governance

We believe in the importance of developing effective, responsible and transparent institutions. Our guidelines and internal regulations establish our commitment to run a responsible business. We operate with integrity based on transparency and respect for human rights and the law. We openly communicate our performance and implement systems that allow us to supervise our procedures internally.

Additionally, we have systems for the control and management of the minerals used in the manufacturing of the products we deliver to our clients, in accordance with the OECD due diligence standards on the origin of minerals and responsible sourcing principles.