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Chairman’s comments at the 2022 Annual General Meeting

Antofagasta plc (the “Company”) today released the script to be used by the Chairman, Jean-Paul Luksic at the Company’s Annual General Meeting that commences at 2:00 pm today.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to Antofagasta plc’s 2022 Annual General Meeting. It is a pleasure to be here in London to meet with our shareholders after two years without being able to do so. Thank you for joining us today, be it in person or virtually, and I confirm that we have a quorum present.

Our directors, Juan Claro, Andronico Luksic and Vivianne Blanlot are unable to be here today for personal or medical reasons but Juan and Vivianne are joining us by video. In addition, Iván Arriagada, our CEO and several senior members of his executive team are also here. Photos and short biographies of each of our Directors, including their Board and Committee roles, are set out on pages 13 to 18 of the Notice of Meeting.

I would like to start with a brief overview of the strategy and performance of your company and make some comments on the macro environment in which we operate. Iván Arriagada will then make a presentation about our performance in 2021 and then we will move onto the formal part of the meeting when we propose and vote on the resolutions set out in the Notice of Meeting, and after that I will open the floor for questions.

Download PDF for the full script

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