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Antofagasta Releases Tax Report

As part of its commitment to transparency, Antofagasta plc (the “Company”) has published a series of reports on its contributions to stakeholders 1.The Company today publishes the final report in the series, a special report on its tax payments in respect of 2021. The report provides detailed information about the nature of the taxes paid by the Company and the amounts paid. The total tax charge for the year was $1.3 billion, of which almost 100% was in Chile.

Antofagasta plc CEO, Iván Arriagada said:

“At Antofagasta, we take our commitments to transparency and the wellbeing and development of the communities that live around our operations and projects very seriously. This report is the last in a series that detail the extent of our contributions and the positive economic impact our business has.

“Through our work we not only create employment and economic benefits through taxes and purchasing goods, but we also contribute directly to upskilling people, pioneering new technologies, and developing the wider supply chain and our communities. In 2021 Antofagasta made a total economic contribution of $7.1 billion and I continue to be proud of the work that we do and the benefits we bring as we fulfil our purpose of developing mining for a better future.”

Antofagasta plc CFO, Mauricio Ortiz said:

“This report provides detailed information about the taxes Antofagasta paid in respect of 2021. For us, the payment of taxes is an important part of how we create economic value, being the portion of our total economic contribution that goes to governments.

“Mining is a long term activity and we are determined to continue translating the work we do at Antofagasta to supporting the prosperity of all our stakeholders – our employees, our suppliers, neighbouring communities, governments, our subsidiaries’ minority partners, and our equity and debt providers.”

1. Other reports is the series are: the Climate Change Report, Social Management Report, TCFD Update Report, Annual Report and the Sustainability Report (for the Mining and Transport divisions separately). All these reports and the Tax Report can be found on the Company’s website (

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