• Achieved its target of zero fatalities, and continued to improve its performance on occupational health and safety.

  • Obtained Board approval for its updated Sustainability Policy.

  • Set its first greenhouse gas emissions reduction target.

  • Achieved 45 percent seawater usage.

  • Participation in ICMM's sustainable mining waste management committee.

  • Began implementing its new Environmental Management Model to comply with its commitments, and implemented critical controls for key environmental risks.

  • Approved its Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

  • Obtained government recognition for two new biodiversity protection areas at Los Pelambres: Quebrada Llau Llau and Palma Chilena de Monte Aranda.

  • Presented the Somos Choapa programme at the Architecture and Urban Planning Biennial, as an example of leadership and innovation in establishing a model for relationships between the mining industry and surrounding communities.

  • Remained an active contributor to public-private initiatives relating to innovative and sustainable mining practices in Chile, among them the Alta Ley, Valor Minero and Somos Choapa programmes.

  • Obtained the following awards: Generación Empresarial-Diario Financiero al Compromiso con la Integridad; “Achieving the SDGs in the extractive industry”, awarded by the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI) for its contributions to corporate responsibility and the Sustainable Development Goals; and the ICARE 2017 award for business excellence and its contribution to the country’s progress.

Annual Report 2018


Our growth strategy is based around three pillars