At Antofagasta we believe it is possible to mine in a sustainable way through effective environmental management that prioritises environmental protection and the efficient use of natural resources.


Antofagasta Minerals believes effective environmental management contributes to the efficient use of natural resources, biodiversity protection, mitigation of negative environmental impacts, first rate operational performance, development of regions where we operate and protection of the ways of life and livelihoods of our host communities.


Water is necessary for life and human activities; it is also an essential element to produce copper. Efficient water management must contribute to maintaining the balance between water availability and its use by all parties that coexist in a region, both now and in the future.


In the face of climate change, mining not only plays a role as a supplier of copper to promote new low-carbon technologies but also presents a challenge to the industry to decarbonise its production of copper. We will achieve our goals of reducing carbon emissions by incorporating renewable energy and energy efficiencies in our processes


We are seeking new design, safety and process solutions for the disposal of mining waste by using creativity and innovation, and working with others.


We contribute to the protection of about 27,000 hectares of high-conservation land through a management model, allowing us to safeguard its conservation and strengthen its rich biodiversity.