The Group works on the basis of excellent relations with, and commitment to, our shareholders, employees, suppliers, clients and the neighbouring communities which host our operations, projects and explorations.


The aim is to build good relationships with stakeholders and we continue to develop our skills in listening, understanding and managing expectations and concerns, thus benefitting everyone involved. In terms of community relations, we continue to build a shared vision of the future development of the regions in which we operate.


Antofagasta Minerals uses various methods to inform and listen to stakeholders, with a particular emphasis on maintaining continual dialogue with employees and local communities.

Every year the Group publishes an Annual Report, production reports, financial statements, a Sustainability Report and a Carbon Disclosure Project reports, among others. It also has regular meetings with investors, clients and other stakeholders, as well as having an internet presence through its websites and major social networks.

Antofagasta Minerals is in continuous dialogue with its employees. Opinions can be aired through collective bargaining forums, the performance management system, surveys and studies. 

Dialogue with communities takes place at formal forums managed by the Group’s operations, including work groups, visits, grievance mechanisms and citizen engagement processes. In 2016, topics included centralising the grievance systems and progressing the stakeholder engagement processes. 

Since the incorporation of Zaldívar, the relationship with its local indigenous communities has strengthened, maintaining a mutual respect as established by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the ICMM.

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